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WBMU taught all of its staff in the 'Arts and Skills of Broadcasting' and provided broadcast training and on-air personalities to numerous broadcast stations throughout the United States. A few of the many instructors including Gloria Free, English & Diction;  Bill Stroupe, Joe Hall, Jan Khan, Sales & Marketing; Hal Brown, John Brooks and Vince Rutherford, Production& Editing; Dick Cullom, Sherrill Barber, ​Henry Robinson and Bill Stroupe, News Gathering, Writing & Editing; Local executives, political and religious leaders including professionals in the local broadcast industry provided directions and taught their various skills to help provide a complete spectrum of community, financial and political awareness.
Special recognition and thanks to the late Norman E. Jorgensen, Esq, of the Washington DC law firm, Jorgensen Northrope & Johnson and Rick Jorgensen, former owner and operator of radio stations WISE 1310, KISS FM 99.9 and Phone America for their generous contributions and guidance for without, WBMU would not have come to fruition. We would also like to thank Delores Fleming whose tireless research, proofing and typing was an absolute blessing in the preparation of the two year process with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and her efforts in keeping us organized in getting WBMU prepared to broadcast; the late Logan Delaney, Model Cities Agency Executive Director, the Buncombe County Commissioners and The Asheville City Council for providing Broadcast Scholarship grants to local residents for without their financial support the struggle would have been a lot longer.
The following are only a few of the many personalities that provided the WBMU listeners their best, day in and day out.
Community leaders and broadcast host, the late Carl Johnson; 'The Carl Johnson Show'; Wanda Henry-Coleman; 'Umoja with Wanda Henry-Coleman'. Asheville's first female announcer and First Lady of Jazz, the late Judith (Judy) Stribbling; the late Aaron 'Doctor A' Logan and David 'Dave Kingsley' Hall, Jr. DDS; Harry 'Hippie' McLaughlin; Terry Fisher;the late Cleo 'The Mooseman' Shivers; Tom Robertson; Chief Engineer and Computer Programmer, Steve Livingston; Waddell 'Mr. C' Cunningham; 'Mark Anthony' Burts; Elder Johnny Hayes; Theodore 'T.R. Stone' Swinton; Jenny Moss; Robert 'DJ Hollywood' Simmons; Darrell Griffin; Carol 'Tizzie' Mapp; James 'Omar' Brown; Terry 'The Magician' Ballard; James 'The Master Blaster' Smith; Anna 'Dawn' Creaseman; Bobby White; Glendel 'Shirah Paige' Credel; Antonette Arbello; The McKeel Brothers; Jeff & Mike; the late 'Little' Jimmy Mills; Genny McClure; Mary Linney; the late Frank 'Tony Madaro' Woody; Anthony 'The Professor' Jackson; Carter 'General Matt' Mitchell; Charles 'Chuck' McKesson; Joe Scarbrough; Tommy Clevingher; Charles Young; George Young; James 'The Fix-it-Man' Finley; 'Rock & Roll' Robb Morrow; Brian 'Sanchez' Carter; Richard 'Rick Hampton' Rowe; Hannon Shabazz; Bobby 'The Boss Man' Powers; Judith 'Kelly' Pallai; Pamela 'Tina Marie' Linnihan; Ronald 'Ron R' King; Richard 'SuperCee' Marvels; Anthony 'The Watchapolly' Sweat; Michael Fichera and numerous others giving their best to provide the best Asheville has ever known!

A staff that could only be imitated, never duplicated! They were and are still WBMU! The Sound of a people - A Proud Black People! 

Meet The Team
  1. Shonda Jaye Midday With Shonda Jaye Monday - Friday 10AM - 2PM
  2. Jenny Moss The Jenny Moss Show ROS
  3. Sydney Sherard Your Gospel Xplosion! Sunday 6AM -12 Noon
  1. Prince Namor' The Prince Namor Reggae Experience Saturday & Sunday at Noon
  2. DJ SupaMan Monday - Friday 6PM - 8PM Saturday 6PM - Midnight
  3. Dell Knight All Nite With Dell Monday - Friday Midnight - 6AM
  1. Omar Smooth Jazz Smooth Vocals Weeknights 8PM - Midnight